A world which imagines, creates and celebrates unique identities built on cultural understanding and generosity is a world we all aspire to live in: such is the vision enthusiastically expressed in TARNANTHI.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we invite artists and audiences to participate in this inaugural event, and we express our gratitude to the Kaurna people on whose lands we are celebrating.

The range and depth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artistic practice distinguishes Australia on the world stage, and at a time in our country’s political history when the mainstream art world seems easier to embrace than diverse cultural practice, we applaud the efforts of the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Government of South Australia and BHP Billiton in valuing and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to realise opportunities to share their stories.

We would like to acknowledge the important contribution of our fellow TARNANTHI Cultural Advisory Committee members Mandy Brown, Elaine Kite (proxy Matthew Moore), Hetti Perkins, David Miller (proxy Alison Milyika Carroll), Dr Lewis O’Brien, AO, Khatija Thomas, Simone Tur, Philip Watkins and Tracey Whiting, Chair of the Art Gallery Board.

By coming together, not just to witness and enjoy the extraordinary art of our artists and engage with a range of ideas, we are also fostering positive relationships across all our communities.

TARNANTHI speaks both for diversity and belonging, showcasing the integrity of contemporary artistic practice while acknowledging the continuation and evolution of the world’s oldest surviving culture.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists show us a worldview which continues to challenge and inspire us all. Through its lens they offer a gift to future generations and a treasure which all Australians can cherish.

Co-Chairs, TARNANTHI Cultural Advisory Committee